Thought Leadership

We explore the future of work through sponsored research,  proprietary studies for individual clients, and interactive workshops custom-designed to help you take charge of your own future.

We report on our findings and insight through a variety of public presentations, panel discussions, online webinars, white papers, and teleseminars.

Public Presentations and Webinars

Jim Ware is a frequent speaker and panelist at many association conferences and other events. He also provides both public and private online webinars and teleseminars.

Click here to review a listing of Jim’s invited presentations over the past several years.

Contact us for information about customized presentations, either in-person or online.

Jim is an active member of the National Speakers Association and is serving as president of the northern California chapter for  2015-2016.

His presentation capabilities are also available online through the Speakerfile website.


Research on the changing nature of work and how organizations manage the “new workforce” is a core component of our business—including documenting new case studies, conducting surveys about work activity and workforce expectations, and tracking new workplace technologies.

We share our findings through a variety of means and media, including conference presentations, webinars, independent publications, and our own newsletter/blog.

Our most recent published white papers and research presentations are available free of charge within the Publications section of this website.

Future of Work Newsletter

This free e-newsletter is distributed weekly to registered subscribers, and is posted online as a blog. We publish provocative articles from leading experts and practitioners, review important books and online sources, and summarize leading-edge developments in the fields of technology, workplace design, and workforce management.

The current issue of the newsletter is available here. We also maintain an archive of past issues and selected individual articles.

Future of Work Blog

We also post regularly on our own blog as well as write guest postings on a variety of other blogs and newsletters.

“Talking About Tomorrow” Conversations

Jim Ware hosts a monthly “open mike” conference call program focused on specific topics related to the changing nature of work, the workforce, and the workplace.

He typically launches these one-hour “Talking About Tomorrow” conversations with a brief introduction or an interview with a thought leader, author, or expert practitioner, and he then guides a loosely-structured conversation that engages all the participants in a collaborative exchange of ideas and experiences. The 2015-2016 program year runs through June 2016; that program is currently oversubscribed and thus closed to new members for the time being (we are considering forming a second, independent group; Contact Us if you would be interested in being a founding member).

We also a customized version of Talking About Tomorrow for individual leadership teams. Contact us to discuss your needs and to explore how we can provide focused learning experiences that support your design of your own organization’s future.

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