Talking About Tomorrow: Conversations About the Future of Work

Open-ended conversation about the future is a lost art; most executive teams today spend less than two hours a week thinking and/or and talking about how the future of work will impact their organization.

To address this deficiency we offer “Talking About Tomorrow,” a guided conversation series for leadership teams at all levels. The program focuses on specific topics related to the changing nature of work, the workforce, and the workplace. We customize each program to meet your particular needs and to ensure that the topics we include are central to your own organizational needs.

This conversational program includes a monthly two-hour facilitated in-person conversation or conference call, participation in a private online discussion group, and brief written summaries of each conversation.

Our goals are simple:  to stimulate learning, to develop new insights, and to build a tangible sense of what’s possible – all components that are central to “futureproofing” your organization.

TAT1Please contact Jim Ware for more information about the Talking About Tomorrow program, and to discuss how to launch one in your own organization. Download a one-page overview of the program at this link.

If you are ready to launch a customized Talking About Tomorrow program:

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We also offer a public version of this program for a small number of  active individual participants. Contact Jim Ware to discuss the monthly schedule and topics for  these “open mike” conference calls. We provide unforgettable learning experiences about the future of work that stimulate your thinking and expose you to a wide range of “what if” possibilities. Note:  as of August 2015 the public program is oversubscribed and therefore closed to new members through June 2016. However, if there is significant interest, we would be happy to consider launching a second program; so please do contact us if this format interests you.