Take Charge of Your Future: Join the Talking About Tomorrow Program

June 27, 2016


“Creating a positive future begins in human conversation. The simplest and most powerful investment any member of a community or an organization may make in renewal is to begin talking with other people as though the answers mattered.” – William Greider

For the past six years I have hosted a monthly “open mike” conversation focused on the forces that are driving the future of work. It’s called Talking About Tomorrow.

Over the past twelve months, 25 talented individuals have engaged in a one-hour group “mind meld” on the second Thursday of each month, sharing their insights about how the nature of work is changing and what the future might look like. It’s a powerful way to expand your “peripheral vision” and prepare for the future.

For the next two weeks I am opening the program to new members.

Please consider joining. For a small annual fee, you can become an integral part of a diverse group of very smart people and engage with your peers in a far-reaching, extended conversation about the future of work.

We’ve explored topics as diverse as robotics, the disappearance of jobs, the astounding impact of digital currencies, how driverless vehicles will change cities, what Big Data really means, how the Internet of Things will transform the workplace, what the globalization of business means for regional employment, the pros and cons of the open office, and the changing demographics and values of the workforce.

Our basic premise is that we are smarter and better informed as a group than we are as individuals – that no one of us can possibly keep track of all the factors driving change in the way we work, learn, live, and play. We learn from each other.

Many of the current program members have told me they find our conversations both stimulating and restorative; for them our conversations are “a breath of fresh air,” “a chance to step out of the daily grind,” and “a forced opportunity to think creatively about where we’re going, and how my business must change to survive.”

At this time there are several openings for new members. Once the 2016-2017 program reaches 25 members it will close for another twelve months.

To learn more about Talking About Tomorrow, and to apply for membership, send me a brief note expressing your interest. I’ll immediately send you a 2016-2017 program overview and schedule a 15-minute phone conversation to help both of us determine if the program is a good fit for you.

Contact me today to learn more about the program. Our next monthly conversation is July 7; don’t miss this opportunity to “begin talking with other people as though the answers mattered.”

Please note that I also offer a customized Talking About Tomorrow conversation program for individual organizations. One of the best investments you can make in taking charge of your own future is to establish a Talking About Tomorrow program for your leadership team. Contact me to learn more about how to design and implement an active exploration of the future that is tailored to your industry and your organization. You will not only be more informed about the future, your entire organization will be invigorated by a new sense of what’s possible.

Contact me any time for a free 20-minute conversation about how you can make your strategic planning meetings both productive and popular.


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