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February 2012 Newsletter

January 29, 2012

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February 2012

What are you doing on February 10th? Would you like to spend an hour with me and 14 other smart people thinking out loud about the future of work?

I will be hosting “Talking About Tomorrow,” an “open mike” conference call at 11 AM Pacific Standard Time on Friday, February 10. There’s no charge to participate, but you do have to sign up in advance.

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Talking About Tomorrow

We have long wanted to engage more directly with you, our newsletter subscribers, as we all drive in parallel towards the future of work. Now we believe we have found a way.

We are taking a first step towards creating an active community of workplace/workforce futurists. At 11 AM Pacific Time on Friday, February 10, Jim Ware will host a free one-hour “open mike” conversation with the first fifteen people who register to participate. We are limiting the conversation to 15 people to ensure that it becomes an active, meaningful conversation rather than a one-way “pontification.”

Jim will begin the session with some very brief comments about how to “take charge” of the future, and then moderate a loosely structured conversation that engages all the participants in a collaborative exchange of ideas and experiences.

To sign up for this session just send an email directly to Jim. Please tell us your company name and position (to help us know who you are). We will then reply with a call-in number and related information. We look forward to exploring the future together!

Recent Activity

In the Press

Workspace Design Magazine recently published Jim’s article on “Taking Charge of Tomorrow.”

It’s a call for more aggressive action on the part of workplace professionals to lead the kind of organizational planning and change that is needed to enhance workforce productivity, engagement, and attraction/retention.

Our recommendation: lead the development of scenarios of alternative possible futures – both for the organization as a whole, and for the workplace itself. Scenario planning is a tried and true approach for dealing with uncertainty, although it’s not used anywhere nearly as widely as it should be.

And then Jessica Stillman of GigaOm picked up the Workspace Design article and posted a very thoughtful blog about it:

Facilities Managers: Don’t get caught out by the future of work

We are not only pleased about the recognition, but also encouraged by the public attention to the challenges of planning and managing “static” workplaces in the face of ever-increasing social and technological change.

Facilities Fusion 2012

We will be actively involved in several sessions at IFMA’s April 2012 Facilities Fusion conference in Boston. Details of our individual sessions are available on our website, or you can review the entire program at the IFMA website.

Work on the Move

Work on the Move: Driving Strategy and Change in Workplaces, a new book on workplace strategy published by the IFMA Foundation, was officially launched on October 26 at World Workplace in Phoenix.

Jim wrote a core chapter on change management, and he led the “conversation with the authors” session at World Workplace. Many of the authors will also be attending IFMA’s Facilities Fusion conference in Chicago in April, and we’ll be holding another Authors’ Roundtable. Hope to see you there.

Pick up a copy of this very important book at your earliest convenience. You can order it online from the IFMA Foundation.

And. . .

If we’re in your area and have a few minutes, we’d love to see you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a cuppa coffee (depending on our other commitments). Give us a shout or send us a note, and if we can squeeze out some time, we’d love to say hello and share some good ideas the old-fashioned way: face-to-face.

And please follow us on Twitter for more current updates on the future of work and our future plans:

This post is featured in the February 2012 issue of Future of Work Agenda.

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