Story Ideas


We do a lot of thinking about the changing nature of work, and like many journalists, managers, and individual workers we wonder where it’s all going–and how we’re going to get there.

We also talk to clients and practitioners all the time, and some of them even pay us to do original research (surveys, interviews, observation, focus groups). So we’ve got lots of ideas and even some real data about how the workforce and the workplace are changing.

Here are some of the topics we think are important;  we’d be happy to offer our ideas and opinions about any of these, and more:

  • How do you manage people you can’t see?
  • Which organizations are out in front in embracing flexible work?
  • Are flexible workers really 20% more productive than their office-bound colleagues? Why?
  • Why haven’t flexible work and mobility caught on more quickly and more widely?
  • What is the business impact of flexible work?
  • What’s going to happen to all that excess commercial real estate?
  • How can you keep remote employees in touch with the company and with each other?
  • Why has video conferencing been so slow to catch on in the corporate world?
  • How can we measure knowledge worker productivity?
  • Why are some metropolitan areas so far ahead of others in promoting flexible work?
  • With so many people working away from their regular offices, what is the future of the corporate office?

Whether you are working on a specific story, or just curious about the future of work, give us a call any time at +1 510.558.1434, or contact us on email to explore these kinds of challenges.

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