Jim Ware is a recognized expert on the future of work and the forces driving change in how, when, and where work gets done. He has been a frequent speaker at major conferences as well as for individual executive teams on topics as broad as the future of work and as specific as managing remote employees.

Jim is an active member of the National Speakers Association. He is also listed as a resource at  Speakerfile.com.


Jim can speak on a number of topics, but he is committed to tailoring his presentations to each audience. Among the topics he frequently addresses are:

  • The Future is Already Here: It Just Isn’t Evenly Distributed
  • Corporate Agility: Working Anytime, Anywhere
  • Managing a Remote Workforce
  • Creating a workplace that works
  • Leading organizational change
  • Designing a Workplace Strategy

These and other topics can be delivered in person at professional conferences, executive offsites, or in online webcasts.

Please contact us directly to discuss your needs, objectives, budget, and Jim’s calendar.

Recent Presentations

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“Talking About Tomorrow” Conversations

Jim Ware frequently hosts “open mike” conference calls focused on specific topics related to the changing nature of work, the workforce, and the workforce. He typically launches these one-hour “Talking About Tomorrow” conversations with a brief introduction or an interview with a thought leader, author, or expert practitioner, and then we lead a loosely structured conversation that engages all the participants in a collaborative exchange of ideas and experiences.

Check the schedule of Upcoming Events for the next “Talking About Tomorrow” conversation. These sessions are free, but advance registration is required.

We also offer customized versions of these “on-demand” learning sessions for internal audiences. Contact us to discuss your needs and to explore how we can provide focused learning experiences for your executives, project team leaders, and functional managers.


Jim’s presentations get rave reviews, and he has often been invited to repeat them for new audiences.

Not only is Jim an authentic, intelligent speaker, he is a gifted researcher who thoroughly thinks through and analyzes trends and data for the reports, papers, and presentations he completes for us.

–Jessica Brown, Citrix Online

Jim is an outstanding researcher who brings deep insights to the future of work. He understands the trends that are driving change in the workforce and the workplace. More importantly, he speaks the language of business to senior executives, making a persuasive case for embracing new ways of working. He is an excellent speaker with a compelling story to tell.

–Rick Schuhriemen, Kimball Office

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