Making Meetings Matter


Are you frustrated by unfocused, boring meetings?

Do you and your staff waste precious hours at work sitting in meetings that don’t matter?

Is your staff disengaged and unproductive because of poorly run meetings? If you are like most organizational leaders, you spend way too much time in meetings that don‘t matter.

There are over 11 million corporate meetings every day in the United States. Yet almost everyone finds them boring, unproductive, and time-wasting.

Even though there are hundreds of books on how to run a meeting, none of them offers meaningful advice for leading conversations in the digital age, when everyone has access to far more information than they can possibly absorb – and plenty of ideas they want to share.

How long has it been since you were in a meeting you felt was totally unproductive? Have you ever wished you had a Star Trek pocket communicator you could command to “Beam me up, Scotty” just to get away from yet another meaningless meeting? How long has it been since you led a meeting like that?

Be honest; it’s happened to every one of us.

Do you spend time in meetings thinking about the “real work” you are not getting done, or holding your smartphone in your lap and sneaking a peek at your email inbox to see what’s going on out there in the real world? Or have you ever sent a surreptitious text asking a colleague to call you out of a meeting for some fake crisis or phone call from a “client” that just can’t wait?

Well, I’ve got a simple message for you: it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have developed a proprietary workshop program designed specifically to show you and your colleagues how to make your meetings fun, productive, and engaging – all at the same time.

The workshop is based on my forthcoming book, Making Meetings Matter: How Smart Leaders Orchestrate Powerful Corporate Conversations in the Digital Age (February 2016).

Contact me today to explore how we can work together to produce meetings that your team will look forward to, participate in actively, and come out of with renewed focus and energy.

Download this simple overview of my offering or contact me today to schedule a free initial conversation about how you can make a difference in the value of your organization’s meetings, beginning immediately.

When you are ready to make your meetings matter, call me at 510.558.1434 to get started.

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