June 21: Talking About Tomorrow

May 23, 2012

9 AM Pacific Standard Time

Free, but advance registration is required

The next “Talking About Tomorrow” conversation will be on Thursday, June 21, at 9 AM Pacific time. And the one after that will be on July 19 at the same time.

 To reserve a seat for either conversation just send an email to Jim Ware.

Jim Ware will  moderate a loosely structured conversation that engages all the participants in a collaborative exchange of ideas and experiences on this topic. Our specific topic has not yet been selected; check back here soon for more information.

There is no charge to participate, but the conversation will be open only to the the first 15  people who register to participate. We limit the number of participants to ensure that we can have an active, meaningful conversation rather than a one-way “pontification.”

Our goals are simple:  to stimulate learning, to develop insights, and to begin building an active community of workplace/workforce futurists.

To register, please send an email directly to Jim Ware. We will reply with a confidential call-in number (regular long-distance rates will apply).

We also offer customized versions of these “on-demand” learning sessions for internal audiences. Contact us to discuss your needs and to explore how we can provide focused learning experiences for your executives, project team leaders, and functional managers.

Download "June 21: Talking About Tomorrow" as a PDF

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