Driving Change

Driving Change

We have been helping organizations design and implement successful change programs for over 30 years. And while the core transformations typically involve new policies, new systems, new procedures, and new technologies, the heart of change is social and cultural—and those are also the most difficult elements to design and implement.

Driving change requires complex planning, moment-by-moment adaptation to events and reactions, and continuous monitoring of the organization’s cultural and social “health.” There are no formulas or simple solutions, but experience matters.

We have led change initiatives, we have taught change management at the MBA level, and we have written extensively about how to implement change effectively. If you want to tap into our experience and judgment as you drive and live through change, contact us now.

Our guidance will mitigate your risk, ensure constructive change, reduce employee misunderstanding and resistance, and enable your leadership team to achieve its goals.

We use a wide variety of proven change initiatives to help transform organizations:

Executive Briefings

We prepare customized presentations about the future of work for delivery to your executive committee or other management team. We work with you to select topics based on your specific interests and needs.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you launch a change program with a provocative executive briefing. Our fees depend on the scope of your objectives and on the amount of advance preparation and customization required.

Leadership Development Programs

We also design and deliver more extended learning programs aimed at both senior executives and operating managers. We share stories about the future of work, provide case studies about leading-edge organizations, and lead open conversations that help participants understand the changing nature of work and its implications for your organization.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you build a change-oriented management development program.

Discovery Workshops

A Discovery Workshop is a more targeted, action-oriented experience designed not only to explore the future of work but to help an executive team create visions of possible futures. We begin these workshops by presenting general information about the future of work; we end them by building action plans and generating commitments to make the future happen.

We also provide skilled facilitation that helps executive teams and steering committees develop their own plans, build consensus, and monitor change programs. We work with clients to design events and to the create governance processes they need to make positive change a reality.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and arrange for your own Discovery Workshop.

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