Cut It Out! Save for Today, Build for Tomorrow

Cut It Out! Saving for Today, Building for Tomorrow(IFMA Foundation, 2009)

The purpose of this book is to begin a journey towards both efficient (i.e., lean and green) and effective (use only what you need, when you need it) facilities management processes and programs. The day-to-day cost of maintaining and servicing both facilities and real estate simply takes too big a chunk out of organizational operating budgets. It’s time to rethink the way we use what is clearly one of every organization’s largest and most critical assets.

Jim Ware was the chief editor for this book. He also co-authored chapter five, “The Office: A New Look at an Old Friend,” which includes detailed case studies describing how flexible work programs were implemented at SCAN Health Plan and Steelcase.

We have no financial interest in sales of this book; all proceeds go to the IFMA Foundation.

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