Corporate Agility


(AMACOM, 2007)

Corporate Agility book cover

Corporate Agility is a compendium of stories about practitioners who are creating agile organizations. Some of them have been successful, many of them are just beginning the journey, and some, unfortunately, have struggled.

This book chronicles their efforts, draws “lessons learned” from their experiences, and lays out a revolutionary new business model for competing in a flat world filled with uncertainty and change.

It has been called “a compelling read” and an important source for anyone who wants to drive change to embrace the future of work.

Jim Ware was a co-author of this ground-breaking book, which was named one of best business books of 2007.

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Praise for Corporate Agility:

From Alvin Toffler, futurist and author of Future Shock, The Third Wave, Mindshift, Revolutionary Wealth:

We first suggested over twenty-five years ago in The Third Wave that the movement of millions of workers from their suburban homes to center cities every morning and back home again at night was one of the most unproductive things we could imagine. Now, in 2007, Corporate Agility‘s authors show us that more and more organizations are finally learning the virtues and value of “demassifying'” office work. Grantham, Ware, and Williamson describe brilliantly what it takes to make “‘work anywhere/anytime’ a productive reality.”

From Dan Pink, author of Free Agent Nation, A Whole New Mind, and Drive:

“On the new landscape of business, only the agile survive. Fortunately we now have a trio of intrepid intellectual explorers to help show us the way. This is a one-of-a-kind book that’s packed with advice and insights any businessperson can put to use.”

From Brian Walker, Chief Executive Officer and President of Herman Miller:

“Corporate Agility is a thoughtful introduction to a systemic, integrated approach to equipping people with the places, tools, and practices they need, not only aligning with but enabling their organizations’ strategies. The research results and case studies make a compelling case for thinking differently about the workplace of the future.”

From David Ulrich, Professor of Management, University of Michigan Business School; and Member of the Board of Directors, Herman Miller, Inc.:

“Corporate Agility creatively integrates three disparate disciplines: real estate, human resources, and information technology. The result is a dazzling array of insights into how leaders redefine investments in real estate for the distributed workforce. The productive workplace of the future is not tied to a facility but to collaborate strategic management, which integrates ideas, competence, and outcomes into a new mindset for how work is performed. This book offers not only theory and research, but many pragmatic examples of how this future workplace exists today. There is no other book like it; it defines this intellectual space.”

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