Current Newsletter

This note is going to be short, although I have been writing it in my head for the last two weeks.

To be blunt, I need some time off. I’ve just come out of eight months or so of incredibly intense, deadline-filled project activity. I’ve finally polished off several major research projects and other client engagements, and suddenly I can look up and see white spaces on my calendar.

At first, my sudden lack of focus scared and depressed me, but after a few days I realized what a grand opportunity I have in front of me.

My dear friend and Very Wise Person Candace Fitzpatrick reminded me last week that I used to be a full-time college teacher, when I could spend every summer slowing down, reading, thinking, and designing or conducting research projects (in my case it was often conducting management interviews and developing case studies; I became much more a journalist and much less a teacher during those times).

Candace then posed a simple question to me:

Why don’t you spend this summer like that?

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