Welcome to the Future of Work

We work with change leaders who want to design their organizational future.

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We can show you how changing the way people in your organization talk with each other can attract and retain exceptional people, leverage their innate talents, and increase their productivity.

Managing work and leading talent in today’s dynamic, distributed, mobile economy is incredibly challenging—but highly rewarding. Engage us to teach you and your staff how to thrive in a world that’s being turned upside down by technology, globalization, demographics, and environmental challenges.

Most organizations today are realizing less than 50% of the potential of their talent; only about 18% of employees worldwide are actively engaged with their work and the organization’s mission. We know how to design and lead employee conversations and other experiences that produce high-performing teams and highly engaged employees.

The changing nature of work has enormous implications for how we structure organizations, manage people, and design workplaces. Some organizations are already leveraging the new ways of working; others are struggling to understand what the future means.

Getting from today to tomorrow in a cost-effective manner is the most significant leadership challenge facing senior executives today. We provide guidance and tools that enable you to create compelling pictures of the future and turn them into reality.

We bring decades of experience in strategic thinking, business case analysis, conversational facilitation, and change leadership to organizations seeking to make a difference for customers, employees, shareholders, and the community at large.

GWC_logoWe are a proud sponsor and a co-founder of the Great Work Cultures initiative. With our friends and colleagues we are raising a big tent that welcomes a glorious diversity of respectful work culture practices and leaders. Working together, we are creating a new norm for workplace cultures that optimize worker effectiveness and human happiness [click on either of these images to go directly to the Great Work Culture’s website – and sign up to join the movement and become a champion today!]GWC_Respect-Empower Bug-RGB_hi-res

We actively support the initiative’s shared goal of moving work cultures towards the values and practices of Respect and Empower.

Contact us today for a free initial conversation about to take charge of the future of work in your own organization.

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